CELEBRATING 30 YEARS: The Classic Polo

In 1992, Goondiwindi Cotton launched its first collection of t-shirts and polos with a small production run of 5,000 units. Made from premium natural cotton sourced from the Coulton’s farm at ‘Alcheringa’, the first polo was a simple white design showcasing the quality and purity of the product.

Distribution was predominantly local at first with polos sold at Coorey’s - a family owned clothing and haberdashery store in Goondiwindi. Samantha Coulton, Sam’s eldest daughter also set up a stall at the Riverside Markets in Brisbane introducing the product to a wider audience.
As awareness for the product grew, so did local support with the wider community jumping on board to own a piece of the region. Working alongside Louise Lye - a local designer and pattern maker, the collection soon expanded, introducing color and a variety of fits, patterns and trims.
For years, Goondiwindi Cotton used local models to tell its story of heritage, tradition and family values. Local fashion parades and industry events showcased the growing connection and curiosity from field to fabric. Advertising campaigns promoted and raised awareness for the unique attributes of natural fibres.

Nowadays Goondwindi Cotton’s collection has evolved and our heritage range of polos remain a prominent part of our business. Natural fibres are a dominant fabrication on the market, such as 100% Cotton and 100% Linen. Sustainability and provenance play a larger role when talking to a style conscious audience. 

Whilst in the early days, Goondiwindi Cotton designed and manufactured collections using Australian mills and local seamstresses, over time, as mills closed and skills faded, we moved our manufacturing efforts overseas to maintain quality and great value for our customers. Where possible, we also use Australian cotton.

Today, design, logistics, marketing and customer service departments all remain in Goondiwindi and support the employment of local people. Alongside these departments, we use the services of local businesses for freight, graphic design, postage and printing, to deliver over 70,000 garments Australia wide. 

Connecting the process from field to fabric for our customers and to support local tourism, we also operate Goondiwindi Farm and Town Tours showcasing our property to over 2,500 visitors annually.

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