How to care for 100% linen

Maddie wearing our 100% linen 1/2 Placket Relaxed Shirt in Navy/White Stripe

If you have found this blog post it is likely because you have... 

A) previously destroyed expensive or much loved linen
B) heard that linen requires special care to keep it looking its best

Good news on two fronts!

1st and foremost - Goondiwindi Cotton linen is far from fussy.  We ensure that all of our linen garments are garment washed and softened prior to sale - this means that our linen styles are exceptionally soft and comfortable, they also won’t shrink or lose their shape and are easy to iron. 

Linen is a fabric derived from the flax plant, and is known for its durability. It is hypoallergenic, breathable, and soft to wear. Your linen garment will relax up to half a size after you have it on for a few hours and as a result is really comfortable to wear.

Maddie wearing our 100% Linen Shirt in White

Goondiwindi Cotton 100% linen garments simply require:

A cool machine wash & warm iron
And we always recommend that you wash and dry dark colours separately

Easy right!?!

We do recommend that you:
Do Not Dry Clean 
Do Not Tumble Dry

If you are looking for instructions for slightly more fussy linen (or for linen that you aren’t sure is garment washed) we recommend the below care instructions (in conjunction with the instructions on the garments tag). 

So how do you care for fussy linen? 

  1. Use cold to warm water in your wash (a 30 degree celsius wash is perfect) - many linen garments (and even linen curtains) will shrink when washed or dried in high heat if they haven’t been garment washed prior to your purchase.

  2. Some linens will tend to catch and pull on sharp items. Make sure that your linen items are protected from zippers and bra catches by ensuring that you either place the linen in a delicates bag, or by washing with items that don’t have sharp protrusions.

  3. Ensure you wash your linen items with like colours (lights with lights and darks with darks).

  4. Hang your linen in a shady spot out of direct sunlight and when hanging ensure you peg or hang encouraging the item back into its natural shape (for shirts hang on a hanger and pull arms and hems straight), you can also gently stretch the fabric back to size if it has shrunk in the wash, or just give them a good shake before hanging.

  5. Depending on how crushed your linen is post drying, you can choose to leave it un-ironed, or if ironing is required we recommend ironing light coloured linen on both sides, and dark coloured linen on the reverse side only. These days a lot of linen styles are worn without being ironed for a more relaxed and casual look. Gone are the days when you ironed linen with a can of spray starch at the ready!  You can also twist styles to create a great crinkled look! This works especially well with linen tops and more relaxed shapes.