Style Guide #5: How to Elevate Everyday Casuals

Going for a walk doesn't always mean you have to wear lycra? Looking for some inspiration to elevate your casual wardrobe. Sometimes it pays to take your favourite piece shopping and build your wardrobe around it. Not so long ago, Lori brought in this beautiful scarf to discover more of this season's coveted casual collection.

How to Wear : Our Knit Cardigan 

Catching up with friends for a casual walk? Feel good in our 100% cotton basics and knitwear made from 550% Merino Wool and 45% Cotton. It's light, airy and with the use of natural fibre's helps our clothing 'breath' to leave you feeling fresh. Lori chose one of this season's shades of pink, 'Rose Petal' in our knit cardigan to go with this uber cute basic stripe tee in Mid Blue. 

How to Wear: Our High Neck Jumper

It took some convincing but Lori road tested this season's High Neck Jumper in Rose Petal and fell in love. It's the perfect height for a turtle neck, not too high, not too low, and we love the range of colours available this season. Perfect for popping down the street, a day in the garden or catching up for coffee with friends.

To discover of more of this season's great basics, click here and for knitwear in Rose Petal, click here.

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