What To Wear: Your Outfit For Watching The Kids Play Sport

The team at Goondiwindi Cotton are a pretty diverse bunch, but we have recently discovered that what many of us have in common is that we spend much of our weekends watching kids, siblings or partners play sports. 

Goondiwindi, like 99% of Australia, is fortunate enough to be bathed in sunshine far more often than it is not, and even on the coldest of winter days, we sport-watching wives, mothers and girlfriends are struggling to prevent sunburn, keep warm and look put-together. 

Put together = appearing as though we actually managed to drink our coffee and apply our makeup on this enjoyable family morning, rather than the reality of spending 40 minutes trying to find a mouthguard, that was actually in the child to whom it belongs hand, and then sitting in a car with small creatures you created who are exceedingly unimpressed that they have to breathe the same air for an hour. 

So, when you are time poor, but want to look great, keep the sun off and stay warm, what do you wear? 

Caroline wearing our 5 Pocket Denim Jean in Mid Wash
Not all sports grounds have seating, and in the morning rush, you likely forgot to throw in the camping chairs - jeans or joggers will keep you warm and allow you to comfortably sit on the grass sidelines to watch the action.

Pro-tip - if sitting on the grass is likely - aim for a darker colour bottom

Maddy wearing our 100% Cotton Long Sleeve Classic Shirt in Navy Paisley Print
I know, I know, it sounds super formal and somewhat like hard work (cotton requires ironing yeah!?!), but hear us out...

The sleeves and collar will protect your arms and neck from the sun, cotton is soft and comfortable and most importantly it breathes! This makes it fantastic in Summer for keeping you cool, but covered, and will also keep you warm when paired with a jumper in winter.
And ironing… well you can choose to iron your cotton shirt, or you can just peg it so that cuffs and collars are straight and wrinkles are shaken out and it will look fab un-ironed! 

Maddy wearing our 55% Merino 45% Cotton Crew Neck Jumper in Cloud Blue 

In Spring and Autumn a cardigan is a great option as it can be done up and undone to suit the changing temperature as the sun rises/sets. In the cooler months, you will be grateful for packing a jumper with a longer hem, that ensures you can keep the cool off your lower back. 

Maddie wearing our 100% Cotton Long Sleeve Stripe Tee in Navy / Cream with our Quilted Vest in White

These will keep you toasty and warm and ward off the seeping cold. They are also great to spread out and sit on if the day warms up, but the ground is still damp! 

Caroline wearing our 4390 Cap in White

Whether it be a comfy cap or a wide brimmed hat make sure you protect your face from the harsh rays of the sun and keep your toes toasty with a comfy pair of leather boots (We got ours from Audrey Goondiwindi).

Enjoy your family time this weekend!

The Team at Goondiwindi Cotton x