Groundbreaking Sustainability Trial Launched on Goondiwindi Cotton Farm Today

The Goondiwindi Circular Cotton Project Trial, returning cotton textile waste to cotton fields, has been launched in Goondiwindi today and Goondiwindi Cotton are front and centre. 

“Alcheringa”, the farm of Goondiwindi Cotton owner, Sam Coulton, is the site of a trial to test whether shredded cotton products could offer benefits to cotton soil health and a scalable solution to textile waste. 

The project, guided by circular economy specialists Coreo, brings together the Queensland Government, Goondiwindi Cotton, Sheridan, Cotton Australia, Worn Up and Cotton Research and Development Corporation funded soil scientist Dr Oliver Knox.
In preparation for the planting of his next cotton crop in October, Sam Coulton, has spread approximately two tonnes of cotton textiles, garments and end of life SES coveralls that were processed by Worn Up in Sydney across his cotton field this morning. The hope is that the fabric will break down in the soil, increasing microbial activity, locking in carbon and improving the soil's ability to hold moisture.
Goondiwindi Circular Cotton Trial
Those involved in the Circular Cotton Project Trial hope that the results will provide the evidence required to develop a larger scale circular solution for 100% cotton textile products in Australia.
Photos from this mornings spreading of the processed textiles and official launch of the trial at “Alcheringa”.


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