Next Step for our Farm Fill Project:

Phase 2 has begun for our groundbreaking cotton waste trial which focuses on diverting textile waste from landfill at our Goondiwindi Cotton farm "Alcheringa".

The next stage in identifying a scalable, long-term solution to the issue of textile waste in landfill is now underway with cotton farmers launching phase-2 trials on farms in both New South Wales and Queensland.

Inspired by the environmental benefits of diverting 800,000 tonnes of textile from landfill each year 1, Goondiwindi Cotton’s Sam Coulton, who hosted the phase 1 trial, is being joined by Gunnedah’s Scott Morgan, who is a leading cotton farmer in sustainability.

Poor weather, heavy flooding and logistics issues impacted us in Goondiwindi, who managed to apply 600 kilograms of cotton waste onto one plot on our farm, less than hoped for but significant in the second year of circularity trails. Since application Sam has furrow cultivated and irrigated and the material has broken down significantly.

“The first phase was positive, but with COVID and poor weather we were limited in what we could achieve. I am hopeful this phase will lead to a major transformation in cotton circularity,” Sam said.

Read full media statement here:
Circularity Project Media Release.

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