WOMEN IN STYLE | Meet Chantal Corish, a psychologist and director of the Resting Place Of The Birds Art Gallery & Feel Good Emporium in Goondiwindi

Creative Expression in the Country.

Chantel has practised as a psychologist for the past 15 years in rural Australia and called Goondiwindi home for most of her life. Chantal recently opened an art gallery in the old bank building across from the Goondiwindi Post Office - ‘Resting Place of the Birds’ Art Gallery & Feel Good Emporium.

The gallery serves to provide local artists and creatives with an opportunity to showcase and sell their art and craft on a year-round basis. The Feel Good Emporium provides Chantal's rural community with space where anybody can relax and reflect on the creative expression of others and enjoy a space to feel uplifted, inspired and even have their mental wellbeing restored.


Chantal, tell us a little about yourself ….

My husband and I predominately farm cotton and grain outside of Goondiwindi. We have 3 daughters who are lucky enough to be growing up around their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents who all live here too. Goondiwindi has been my home for many years. I went to primary school here. I did leave for a decade to work in public relations and politics. I loved politics and am still very passionate about all of us being aware of the impact political decisions have on our lives. I have learned over the years to not drag my political soapbox out at dinner parties too much though!

Chantel Corish x Goondiwindi Cotton

How would you describe your style….

I think what you wear is often a very strong extension of your personality and how you feel about yourself. I do love clothes and find it fun to shop for interesting pieces to add to my extensive wardrobe. I do like to have fun and I don’t like to ask society’s permission – I am not a ‘fitter-inner’. In my later years I try to be more mindful of saving my money and also of choosing clothes that don’t impact on the environment too harshly. Cotton is a fabulous product and impacts on the environment A LOT less than some uninformed people believe.

Resting Place Of The Birds Art Gallery


Imagery shot by The Farmers Friend @thefarmersfriend

Resting Place of the Birds Gallery & Feel Good Emporium is an exciting new concept in Goondiwindi, where did the idea start? ...

I wanted to pay homage to my home town and its First Peoples and thought the Indigenous meaning of Goondiwindi was a great way to go. Also, I wanted to add my psychology and coaching practice to the art gallery…so it’s ended up being this gorgeous 1940’s art deco space with beautiful art and room for me to conduct psychology clinics and most excitingly of all, my women’s circles that I have been facilitating for over 5 years on our farm and in surrounding communities. I am hoping a commercial art gallery in Goondiwindi will contribute to the liveability of the town. My idea is to add to the other ideas currently being rolled out to help attract more people to live in Goondiwindi.

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