WOMEN IN STYLE | Meet Claire Mactaggart

We love interviewing women we admire from regional areas and this month's Women in Style feature is Claire Mactaggart, incredible writer, beef producer and mother. Claire shares her stories of rural Australia with publications such as Country Style, Good Weekend, Graziher and more.
Read her story below. 

Claire, tell us a bit about yourself and your career?

My husband Andrew and I and our four daughters live on a cattle property north of Duaringa in Central Queensland and about 170kms west of Rockhampton. I studied Agribusiness and for the past two decades - since moving to Balcomba - I have worked in our beef business as well as written about rural and regional Australia for a range of publications including Country Style, Home Beautiful, Good Weekend and Graziher. 

Why do you love writing about rural Australia?

I'm in awe of the diversity and talent of people living in the bush and it's incredibly rewarding to share those stories with readers. I love the thrill of finding a great story, collaborating with a team and seeing it come to life on the page.

Tell us about your involvement in the beef industry in Queensland?

Andrew and I run a family beef business in central Queensland. We breed and background commercial cattle and have a focus on grazing management and soil health. I am also fortunate to be a director with Beef Australia. Every three years, Beef Australia hosts a week long exhibition and celebration of all aspects of the beef industry and we welcome over 100,000 people through the gates in Rockhampton. Our next event is 5-11 May 2024. It's a fun, action packed week and one not to be missed!

How do you juggle such a busy life? 

I am fortunate to have a great family support and we also have a wonderful team at home. It helps when you love what you do, but life is often messy and chaotic!

Tell us about your last visit to Goondiwindi?

I recently spent a lovely afternoon on the bank of the Macintyre river visiting friends at Goondiwindi on the way south to Orange. Before that, I spent a few days doing stories for Country Style in the Goondiwindi Community. I love that its such a dynamic town with a great sense of community and opportunity.  

How would you describe your style?

I like classic neutral pieces teamed with a statement blouse, jacket or piece of jewellery. Jeans and pretty dresses with boots are a favourite!


Why do you love what you are wearing from Goondiwindi Cotton?

The classic cut and natural fabric of Goondiwindi Cotton is a big drawcard for me and perfect for our climate. I love the back story to the brand and how the pieces will endure for many years to come.



Claire photographs beautifully. The outfits really suits her. It’s lovely seeing her in the spotlight for a change! I love reading your stories Claire, thank you for sharing them with us.

Melanie Shannon February 26, 2024

Love to see women succeeding in rural Queensland – truly an inspiration
And, her great grandmother Eileen Mahoney was my Mum’s sister – Eileen would be so proud as her immediate family would be
Plus in troubled times it is so heart warming to read a positive story
Patti Fritz

Patti Fritz November 14, 2023

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