WOMEN IN STYLE | Meet Phillipa Moloney, Owner and Founder of Sculpt Pilates Studio.


Phillipa Moloney

Owner and Founder of SCULPT Pilates Studio.


Phillipa, tell us a little about yourself.

It all started back in the small country town of Longreach in Western Queensland. It was here that my parents brought me up on a cattle station, teaching me from the get go to not expect anything in life to be handed to you on a platter - work hard and earn it for yourself. Following school, I headed to college down in Armidale, NSW, where I studied Animal Science. Despite my passion for cattle and horses, I could not stop listening to that sneaky little part of me that loved all things health and fitness.

If I really look back, I think it stemmed from growing up in a generation that was (and still is) driven by the growing popularity of social media. I would watch on as young people (women in particular) would get scrutinised and picked apart for their physique. Fitness and keeping active has always been a no-brainer for me so when I saw so many people lacking motivation due to fear of scrutiny or self-doubt I instantly thought… wow. Where did the positivity and smile go from moving, challenging and nourishing our bodies?

Unable to silence my passion for all things ‘health’ here we are, unexpectedly founding and running (on my lonesome), “SCULPT Pilates Studio” in Goondiwindi. In all honesty, I am still trying to catch my breath. I had no idea this would be where I would be but my gut told me “grab it with both hands and give it a red hot crack”. So here I am…

Welcome to Goondiwindi and congratulations on starting Sculpt Pilates this year, can you tell us a little more about your new venture?

‘New venture’ is honestly the best description. Pilates was my side hobby which ultimately turned into my main hustle. I became obsessed with Pilates due to the insane following it had in the big cities. I would see all types of people promoting online how much they loved it and the physical difference they saw in their bodies. So I thought what the heck, let's give this Pilates thing a try and I have never looked back. I became a qualified instructor for a bit of fun really, until I realised the lack of variation and opportunity to try new forms of exercise that rural communities had. I thought it a shame that thriving rural towns such Goondiwindi were unable to access and experience the boutique and vibrant atmospheres that a Pilates studio has to offer, so I decided to be the one to bring the big city benefits to you.

Now I have so many incredible, strong, and energetic clients that are understanding and reaping the insane benefits that Pilates provides. I am continuing to grow the business’s online profile which has been huge in promoting and advocating what we have to offer. Give us a follow to stay up to date on class info, recipe ideas, health, wellness and motivation tips. Join the SCULPT crew.



How would you describe your style?

You’re lucky to see me out of activewear but my day-to-day style could be described as comfortable, fresh and simple - an oversized button-up shirt, comfy denim shorts and a pair of groovy sneakers are my go-to.

If I am dressing for an event however I like to find the little groovy gems you don’t see everywhere. I always like to be wearing something a little different. I love bringing back old school styles and incorporating them into modern looks, hence why my wardrobe is filled with copious hand-me-downs from my mother. Also, good luck seeing me in a pair of heels, I’m a sneaker girl through and through – the funkier the better.

Overall though, I think my major philosophy when it comes to your own personal style is confidence. No outfit is better topped off with a good smile and attitude. Cliche but true.


What do you say to those interested in trying Pilates who may be nervous or have never tried it before?

I think it is very safe to say (and my client’s would agree with me) that it is not what you expect. People hear Pilates and they assume ‘stretching’ or ‘yoga’ however these are different practices. But society has taken a whole new approach to Pilates and I can easily say that the strengthening and toning effect it has on the body with consistent classes compares to no other form of exercise I have ever tried and I have pretty much tried them all. If you are nervous I totally understand, starting something new is always nerve-wracking. But I can promise that you will be welcomed with a smile, great music, great vibes, as well as modifications to suit each and every fitness level.

For those who may not think Pilates is for them, think again. If I had a dollar for every time someone said “wow…this is a whole different kind of strength”, I would be able to go on one FABULOUS holiday. So take the jump, give it a crack and put those assumptions away… it’s time to see the benefits for yourself.


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