WOMEN IN STYLE | Meet Terri-Anne Crothers, Mother of Three, Wife, Volunteer and Artist.

Meet Terri-Anne Crothers, Mother of Three, Wife, Volunteer and Artist.

We sit down with Terri-Ann and learn about her journey from the city lights of Melbourne to the country sites of “Gilling”, a property 40 km east of Goondiwindi. We get an insight into how Terri-Ann became an artist, what fuels her creativity and discuss her quirky style. 

Terri-Ann, tell us a little about yourself…

I’m a mother of three, wife to a grazier, living on a beef cattle property east of Goondiwindi. I also work part-time for the Goondiwindi Chamber of Commerce, volunteer with several community groups and in between, I try to paint!
After a career in fashion retail management, I returned to university and completed a communications degree in PR and journalism. On a trip to visit a friend in Dirranbandi QLD, I met my now-husband. Two years later he convinced me to leave Melbourne, marry him and live in a Donga on his family’s cattle and cotton property. Three babies and a couple of moves later we have made “Gilling” our home.

What are some things that fuel your creativity and inspire you?

My surroundings, nature, other artists, fashion and my family. I am surrounded by a very muted landscape so I’m often drawn to vivid colours. My paintings reflect my love of nature but the intensity of colour I often use comes from my imagination. My youngest son says, “Cows aren’t pink Mum” but I think they can be on the canvas.

I have always been creative in some way. I studied art at school and completed a tertiary art course but never pursued it seriously. Over the years I took part in some workshops and entered a few competitions but only in the last couple of years, with commissions and invitations to exhibit, have I considered it a “real job”. And my husband gave me another Donga – my art studio!

How would you describe your style?

Classic, timeless but with little hints of quirkiness or sparkle. I like well-designed and well-tailored clothes to suit my curvier shape. I’m drawn to colour – bright, bold, on-trend - but I will always team with a neutral or my favourite navy or black. I also love statement earrings!

Not only are you an entrant in the Aspects Art Show, but you are also a committee member. Can you tell us a little more about the event?

Aspects is a wonderful art exhibition that is part of our annual Goondiwindi Show. We have a small, dedicated committee who, with our many volunteers, bring together over 700 exhibits from all over the country, unpack it all, hang it, hold a big opening night event, then exhibit for two days and pack up what hasn’t sold. Then we do it all again the next year. It’s a huge job but we love it! The range of art and talent is incredible, from beginners to renowned professional artists. The colour, the variety, the artistic talent it’s all on show at Aspects. Join us in 2022!
Imagery shot by The Farmers Friend @the_farmers_friend
For more information, follow @ta.crothers 

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