WOMEN IN STYLE | Meet Sarah Obrist & Roberta Fairbanks of Sister Sister Co.

Sarah & Roberta, tell us a little about yourselves.

We met nearly 3 years ago when we both had just become solo mamas. We instantly connected and supported each other through what felt like the most difficult times in our lives.  We have built a relationship like we have never had before. It's like we are a mix of best friends, sisters, wives and lastly business partners. We absolutely love spending time together in our business and really have each other's back in all areas of our lives. We have so much fun.  We are mamas to 3 beautiful little kiddies with huge dreams of a bright and joyful life for us and them. We are big believers that we should turn inwards and dedicate time in our days to look after ourselves before we can show up in the world and fill the cup of the people we love. 

How would you describe your style?

 We have very similar styles, which you might say it's fun, trendy or simply "a vibe" like our friends say. We love to mix classics with on trend pieces to make it our own. We make a point of dressing up to work everyday and compliment each other.

Imagery shot by The Farmers Friend @the_farmers_friend

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