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At Goondiwindi Cotton, we love featuring rural women we admire, and this month is no different. This month's Woman in Style feature piece is about Alice Woods, the Queensland Ambassador for Motherland - a registered charity that’s on a mission to eliminate the isolation many rural mums face. 
Alice Woods in a Khaki Halle Dress and White Maisie Shirt

Tell us what you love about Goondiwindi?

Having hailed from a farm at Bellata originally, I have also lived in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and now Toobeah, and it is safe to say I am a country girl, through and through. While I loved my time in the big smoke, nothing quite compares to the peace, tranquillity and space that living out here brings.

While our farm is still an hour from Goondiwindi, it is our closest major town, the supply centre for our farming needs, and social hub for our kids and me. It is one of the most vibrant country towns I know, with country races, Gourmet in Gundy, beautiful botanic gardens, Hell of the West, amazing cafes and bespoke shops to browse in. It is rare to sit outside the Larder and finish your coffee without conversations with passers-by and the people in the constant takeaway waiting line – something the extrovert in me loves!

I think there is a reason farming families retire to Goondiwindi rather than to larger centres or the coast. The community is very welcoming yet laid back. No task is too small for a neighbour to help with, and there is always an exciting vibe in the town. I find the emphasis and support on local businesses and women in agriculture is amazing, with such a large number of local entrepreneurs succeeding in Goondiwindi.

Alice in an Amber Skirt

How would you describe your style?

I most certainly would not say I am a leading fashionista! And having to describe my style is something I haven’t considered before. I spend most of my days at home on the farm, where I am found in a collared work shirt, shorts and boots.

However, off farm, I love to wear natural fibres – cotton, linen and wool. Chasing my two young boys around means wearing something practical and easy to clean. I love a soft linen outfit for summer, with much of my wardrobe being dresses. The cooler months usually involve layering these same dresses with tights, a long cardigan and my favourite tall boots. My winter staple is usually jeans, a cotton shirt and a fine wool knit. My beautiful late Granny was rarely seen without a woollen cardi or jumper on, something I always loved about her outfits.

Tell us about the Motherland podcast?

The Motherland podcast shares real and raw stories of rural motherhood every week, and recently clocked half a million downloads. Each week Stephanie Trethewey dives deep into rural motherhood with frank and unfiltered conversations with rural mums from across the country. Some are sad, some are hilarious, some tell tales of living in the most remote parts of Australia – but all share the one common theme of rural motherhood.

Alice Woods with her family

You are the Queensland Ambassador for Motherland, what made you want to get involved and what does your role involve?

While raising our two boys is by far my greatest achievement in life, it has also been one of the most trying times. The isolation with living on the farm an hour from friends and family, together with a busy farming schedule, meant I found myself feeling lonely and isolated, without the village of support so many mums talk of. I was a keen listener to the Motherland podcast, and when Steph started the Motherland Village, Australia’s first rural online mothers’ group, I was sold! I was in a group with 8 gorgeous, like-minded rural women, who I now call some of my closest friends, 18 months after the program.

I felt a real desire to pay it forward, so when the position for Ambassador came up, I jumped at it. Motherland is run by Steph and has only myself and another rural mum employed, so my main role is to raise awareness for Motherland, and the ongoing support that so many rural mums are lacking.

I am hosting our first ever event in Goondiwindi on Sunday the 21st of May. This is something I am so excited for – to have a beautiful afternoon celebrating and connecting with rural mothers of all ages, from both the Goondiwindi district, and further afield. We have some amazing raffle prizes, will hear from Steph herself, and have a wonderful time raising money and awareness for Motherland.

Tell us why you love what you're wearing from Goondiwindi Cotton.

The outfits I am wearing fit straight into my wardrobe. They are simple, classic and not too fussy. Both outfits are so versatile, for our warmer part of the year, or can easily be layered for the few cold months of the year we have in Goondiwindi.



Photography by The Farmers Friend

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