Goondiwindi welcomes Annabelle Hickson to launch Galah Magazine

Goondiwindi recently welcomed Annabelle Hickson for the launch of 'Galah Magazine' at Harry and Kit.
For those in the know, Annabelle is a writer (The Australian and Country Style Magazine), author (A Tree in the House) and accidental florist that has long led the way cultivating the creative fabric of Regional Australia. 

Annabelle's passion is most notably bringing to life stories from the bush. In her most recent project, the launch of Galah Magazine, Annabelle does just that - she examines the colourful life of Regional Australia from a creative perspective introducing her readers to all kinds of wonderful stories in a new seasonal magazine. 

"I knew nothing about country life before I married a farmer. But moving out here has been the best thing that happened to me. Space, freedom, having to work thing's out for yourself. It's been the greatest gift. And the people out here. My god, everywhere you look there are fascinating stories. I feel absolutely compelled to document what I see out here, and that's why I'm starting Galah"

"I hope Galah will be a modern voice from the bush. I hope I can make it work too. The magazine world is imploding around us, but I think there is still a place for thoughtful, niche publications with no or very little advertising".

The evening hosted by Harry and Kit owner, Lillie Holcombe, attracted over 80 women from Goondiwindi and beyond. Following a year of restricted events, the evening was a welcome catch up with friends and respite ahead of the busy Christmas rush. Simple greenery adorned the entrance to The Shed in Bowen Lane. Annabelle's signature whimsical style on display.

On the night, not only could women purchase the first issue of Galah, they could also shop a delightful range of homewares and our very own cloth+paper+scissors as part of a Xmas pop-up this month at Harry and Kit. 

Lillie Holcombe wearing cloth+paper+scissors Navy 55% Linen/ 45% Cotton Shirt with Pocket and Pale Blue Cropped Jean. Photo: Rachel Walker Images. 

Lillie wears our White 100% Linen Jogger and blouse from MLM. Photo: Grace Quast.


Galah Magazine is now available to purchase or subscribe. To learn more, click here

Harry and Kit is located on Bowen Lane in Goondiwindi. To discover Harry and Kit's range of homewares and fashion online, visit Harry & Kit 

A curated selection of cloth+paper+scissors favourites will be in-store until 31 December. To shop our full collection, click here.

Images courtesy of @gracequast


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