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Brooke, tell us a little about yourself…
I'm a Gemini, professional shopper and I like a good round of carpool karaoke. But on a more serious note, I'm a former journalist turned fashion editor and stylist. Through my Instagram account, What Brooke Wore, I deliver a daily dose of style and colour to those following along and since undertaking study with Australian Style Institute, I also dabble in editorial and celebrity styling as well as hosting workshops. 
How would you describe your style? 
Like most people, my personal style has and continues to evolve and change over time, depending on the day, how I feel and what I’m doing. Right now, I’d say it’s fun, feminine, and flirty, with a side of preppy glamour.
Think Offspring’s Nina Proudman meets Carrie Bradshaw, with a dash of Elle Woods. In terms of my styling philosophy, I’m a big proponent of Dopamine Dressing; I believe clothes have the ability to lift our moods and we should be dressing for those moods and our own personal pleasure.

"Thanks to my mum, I’ve always had a love of clothes and accessories" 

Can you tell us a little about what inspired you to create What Brooke Wore?

 My friend Phoebe encouraged me to start my Instagram account, What Brooke Wore, seven years ago to chronicle my outfits. It was mostly for fun, and then a few people followed me and a few more and it went from there. 

Thanks to my mum, I’ve always had a love of clothes and accessories and I was the person in the office who’d go shopping on her lunch and report back about what I’d found, bought and what I thought would suit my friends. Since starting my account, I’ve gone on to become the Fashion Editor for The Sunday Mail and have studied styling and was named Australian Style Institute’s Stylist of the Year in 2020.


Photography by The Farmers Friend 

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