WOMEN IN STYLE | Meet Yolande Woods, Grazier, Pilot, Mother of Four & Aeronautical Entrepreneur.

Yolande standing by the propeller of her plane with the words "Women in Style" typing across the image

Meet Yolande Woods, Grazier, Pilot, Mother of Four & Aeronautical Entrepreneur.

We sat down with Yolande and learned how her parents have shaped her love of flying and interior design which lead her to create Aerohart - the perfect combination of her passions.

Yolande, tell us a little bit about yourself...

From the cattle yards to the cockpit to colour consultations, I have created a life full of contradictions where all my passions combine.
I grew up on my family’s cattle stations spread across Queensland, starting my schooling via Charleville School of the Air, before heading to Brisbane as a boarder in Grade 6.
I’m a proud fifth-generation beef producer and love spending my days running our cattle property northwest of Goondiwindi or flying over the patchwork quilt of the countryside close to my heart.
The undeniable pull of life on the land and passion for flying comes from my father.
Yolande pulling her plane wearing our 100% Linen Classic Shirt in the Botanicals Print & our Cropped Jean in White
We have built our home on the riverbank of the beautiful Macintyre River in Goondiwindi.
Gardening is one of my great pleasures, and my husband, Bruce and I have established a sprawling oasis brimming with roses, lemon-scented gums, weeping willows and English softwoods. It’s a sanctuary for our family, Samuel 20, George 18, Ebony 16 and Walter 7, along with all our pets.
My interest in interiors has been fostered by my mother’s talent at turning oft-neglected houses on outback stations into homes that are both deeply functional and stylish. Memories of her renovations – often with nothing more than a tin of paint and some artfully up-cycled furniture – rose when we built our home and I realised my love of design.
I enjoy helping clients ensure their home is a true reflection of how they live. Practical can be beautiful, with the use of wonderful textiles and furniture layouts within a room.
Yolande boarding her plane while wearing our 100% Linen Classic Blazer in White, 100% Linen Wide Leg Pant in White & 100% Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Strive Tee in White/Terracotta

How would you describe your style?

I wear many hats and can seamlessly transition from jeans, boots and a wide-brimmed cowboy hat to a tailored race-day outfit, complete with high heels and bespoke millinery.

I am definitely a denim lover, with white jeans or a denim skirt my go-to staples, paired with a classic shirt or blazer. Fast fashion is definitely not for me; I prefer to purchase pieces that will transcend trends and that I can wear for years.

I do like to feel feminine and stylish even if I am in the cattle yards branding or at Pilates at 6 am. To paraphrase Reginald Williams, I don’t believe we work any worse for looking a whole lot better – and am not averse to wearing pearls and silver bangles when mustering!

Yolande inspecting the wing of her aircraft while wearing our 100% Linen Classic Shirt in the Botanicals Print & our Cropped Jean in White

What inspired you to create Aerohart?

Learning to fly has been one of my greatest sense of achievement.

I grew up with Dad flying our family from station to station or off to a bull sale, and adore the feeling of freedom when taking to the sky. While learning to fly, I realised everything in the aviation world is designed by men, for men.

The equipment used daily tends towards very black, very clunky and ultimately, unrefined. I’m fortunate to have a lovely aircraft and feel aviation products should be as sleek and exquisite as the magnificent planes we fly. So, I set out to enhance the flying experience through thoughtful design.

Collage of images of Yolande with her plane and the quote "Growing up on the land has gifted me a sense of practicality and aptitude. I think this is evident in my work with interior design and designing products for Aerohart."

I’ve been lucky to work with an industrial design team in Brisbane, along with a branding team to help me bring this dream to life, curating a series of products to ease real-life frustrations and cultivate a sense of beauty in the everyday.

I believe in pioneering new ideas and working towards a better future. My passion for best-in-class design and precision engineering is innately entwined with my desire for sophistication and style – hence, Aerohart was born.

Growing up on the land has gifted me a sense of practicality and aptitude. I think this is evident in my work with interior design and designing products for Aerohart.

Yolande's plane from the side.

To find out the latest from Aerohart visit the Aerohart Website

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