Goondiwindi Cotton specialises in the use of quality natural fibre’s for collections that balance trends and timeless style effortlessly. The family owned and locally operated label is based in Goondiwindi, utilising local people to design, market and dispatch their sought-after designs.


Superior Quality. Timeless Style.

Our philosophy is simple – we use superior natural fibres such as 100% Cotton and 100% Linen to design a range of seasonal collections that effortlessly balance seasonal trends with timeless style. Our garments not only look good but they feel great too. 

Where possible we use Australian Cotton. We use 100% Linen sourced globally and Extra Fine 100% Australian Merino Wool blended with Cotton in the cooler months to create our super soft, easy care, collection of everyday knitwear.


Family Owned for Over 30 Years

Thirty years ago, Goondiwindi Cotton opened to diversify operations beyond the family farm gate. In the early days, we designed and manufactured collections using Australian mills and local seamstresses. Over time, as mills closed and skills faded, we moved our manufacturing efforts overseas to maintain quality and great value for our customers.

Today, design, logistics, marketing and customer service departments all remain in Goondiwindi and support the employment of local people. Alongside these departments, we use the services of local businesses for freight, graphic design, postage and printing, to deliver over 60,000 garments Australia wide.

Connecting the process from field to fabric for our customers and to support local tourism, we also operate Goondiwindi Farm and Town Tours showcasing our property to over 2,500 visitors annually.



Sam took lint cotton from Coulton Farming to a spinning mill in Indonesia to create yarn for knitting. In its first production, Coulton Farming yielded 43,000 kilograms of cotton yarn - enough to produce 20,000 t-shirts.

Shortly there after, Sam met Ian Partland, a manufacturer and consultant to surfwear giant,Piping Hot. A relationship stuck with Coulton Farming suppling yarn to produce their coveted collections at their factory in Newcastle.



Sam was persistent in his endeavours to create Goondiwindi’s very own fashion label. Influenced by his mother’s style, Sam saw an opening for quality cotton garments that were both practical, stylish and suited the Australian way of life.

A chance meeting at the local chamber of commerce saw an introduction to local designer and pattern maker, Louise Lye - a teacher at the Boggabilla TAFE. Sam saw an opportunity to pursue local production and struck an agreement with the New England Institute of TAFE in NSW. Louise would train students simultaneously overseeing the production of garments for Goondiwindi Cotton. For the first time, students were trained with the prospect of real employment as an end result.

In 1992, Goondiwindi Cotton launched its first collection with local sewers producing 5,000 t-shirts and polos. Quality control, pressing and packaging all took place in Boggabilla.



Goondiwindi Cotton relocated to a new office in Goondiwindi to expand operations. Goondiwindi Cotton also engaged their first sales agents – Peter and Heidi Ferrari. The team travelled throughout New South Wales and Queensland selling two seasonal collections to retailers.



Goondiwindi cotton was stocked by 20 stores. Expanding representation was imminent to build market share across the Eastern Seaboard. By 2007, Goondiwindi Cotton had a dedicated agent representing the brand in each state.

Goondiwindi Cotton moved manufacturing offshore to deliver consistency, quality and on time delivery. Sam and Louise visited multiple factories with little success. In one last attempt, they found success with a leading manufacturer in Hong Kong.



In 2010, Sam appointed Marianne Marshall, a Sydney based designer with extensive experience in product development, sourcing and manufacturing overseas. As a result, the collection has continued to evolve – its signature – the use of quality natural fibres married with vibrant colour and exclusive prints.



Goondiwindi Cotton took the opportunity to diversify and expand operations in 2020. The evolution of online sales and the introduction of new technology, will see our annual revenue double in just 12 months. As well, the business has invested in product development with the introduction of a younger lifestyle label, cloth+paper+scissors - designed to capitalise on new audiences and grow market share. With increased brand awareness, the business is also experiencing growth across the wholesale channel with just under 200 stockists Australia wide.


Designed in Australia. Made in China.

Goondiwindi Cotton began life as a small garment manufacturing company, designed to diversify the family operation and add value to the local community. The first seams were sewn at the Boggabilla TAFE in 1992. At the time, we used to weave and dye our own fabrics and produce garments in Australia to make a small collection of men’s and women’s polos.  Overtime the Australian mills closed and local expertise in garment and fabric technology faded away, so we moved our fabric sourcing and manufacturing offshore in order to maintain quality and continue to grow and develop our range of products. 

We work with two suppliers, both have factories based in China and offices in Hong Kong. They understand how important quality is to our brand and do an amazing job producing our beautiful garments. We have worked together for over 10 years and we consider them very much part of our team and one of the reasons that we have become the successful brand that we are today. The technology that we are afforded in the manufacturing process is far superior to what is available to us locally, and they have also enabled us to expand our range to include Knitwear and 100% Linen styles, both of which have proved to be very popular with consumers.

We understand that the fact that we manufacture in China, may not suit everyone, and that's okay - everyone has a choice which is great. We are lucky however that it does suit a great deal of people, who buy our brand, because of the quality and the styling, and whilst we do not manufacture locally, what we do is create jobs for a number of people who live in the town of Goondiwindi, as well as supporting many other local businesses in town, such as the transport companies, graphic designers and photographers as well as being actively involved in sponsoring a number of sporting and local events in the community. All made possible through the sale of our garments. So when people buy our product, regardless of where it is made, they are in reality supporting Country Australia.