MEN IN STYLE | Meet James Hardcastle & Simon Doolin, As We Discover A Hidden Gem in The Vicarage Cafe At North Star

Men in StyleGoondiwindi is surrounded by several vibrant communities including the shining light that is North Star. Home to some of Australia’s finest soil and farming lands, we took a day trip recently to discover The Vicarage Cafe with local farm owners, James Hardcastle and Simon Doolin, on a mission to reinvigorate the local business community. 

James and Simon, tell us about your latest venture...

The Vicarage Cafe has been in the making for many years. Born and raised here, James and I are incredibly passionate about the local area. North Star has a population of approximately 40 people and whilst we are lucky to have essential services such as the primary school and recreational ground, there was an opening for a vibrant meeting spot that would connect residents and their families and reinvigorate our sense of community.

James and Simon wear our 55% Fine Merino / 45% Cotton Mens Knit Jumpers in Couscous and Jungle.

What's the response been like to date...

Overwhelming! We're fortunate to be surrounded by so many great, like minded people. From our initial concept and building to the day to day operation of the cafe, the support from our local council, residents and farms has been amazing.
Everyday we see local farmers and residents popping in for their morning Merlo. On the weekends, we've seen an abundance of families travelling out from surrounding regions to enjoy the garden and kids playground. For the ladies, there's a resident beautician with 'Beauty by Jen' open by appointment and a small range of gourmet food items, giftware and art for sale. Over the next few months, we'll continue to evolve this offering with a selection of tasty take home meals (perfect for harvest) and we're resurrecting the fuel bowser! 

What's on the menu?

The menu is simple - uncomplicated, easy food that looks and tastes great! Where we can, we're showcasing local produce from our region and those a little further afield. We're also working with the ever popular Merlo Coffee Roasters for the best morning takeaway! 
 The Moree Bakehouse is supplying a tasty selection of pies, Gibsons Butchery in Goondiwindi is supplying tender beef for our hamburgers and we're using our very own flour from Doolin Agriculture via our friends at Provenance Flour and Malt. We also have a selection of sweets and cakes baked daily from local women which is a lot of fun.  For larger groups, James will fire up the BBQ and slow roast one of his favourites, lamb! 

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Sam says; 'This spot looks ominous boys! What's going in here?'

It's a work in progress but suffice to say it's overlooking the playground and the perfect spot for an outdoor drink in the summer time. Our grand plan is to continue to evolve the garden precinct so it can also cater for larger events and functions. It's no secret we're having lots of fun planning for the future and watching The Vicarage evolve. 

To discover more on The Vicarage Cafe, follow their page, 'Vicarage Cafe', on Facebook.
Or find them on Instagram @vicaragecafe

TUE - SAT 8.00AM - 4.00PM
SUN 9.00AM - 4.00PM

Now taking bookings for events and Xmas parties.

Imagery shot by The Farmers Friend @the_farmers_friend

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